Excel Budget Template

Free Budget Templates for Excel

A collection of various free Excel budget templates that you can use to track your various expenses with these budget spreadsheets or templates and make your money management a little easier. A happy family has a lot of activities to do every day, such as buying various necessities, cleaning the house, making a family budget,… read more »

Vacation Budget Planner Template

The Vacation Budget Template is a very useful tool that can help you plan your trip to your dream destination. Vacations are an effective way to relieve the stress of our daily lives. You can take your family on a beach vacation or a picnic in the park , it will not only relieve the… read more »

Wedding Budget Template

Setting a wedding budget is one of your wedding planning tasks. You can’t start your wedding process if you’re not sure exactly how much your wedding will cost. We all know that wedding budget planning may be a difficult task, especially for large weddings. You can refer to the existing wedding budget spreadsheet template to… read more »

Expense Trends Budget Template

Expense trends can be different from company to company and depend on timing as well as many other factors. Expense trends can introduce a lot of complexity and it would be helpful to be able to predict expense trends and anticipate any other significant events based on the trends in order to make some necessary… read more »

Family Monthly Budget Template

If you want to achieve financial freedom, then creating a budget is the first step to achieving your goals. If you want to take control of your own or your family’s finances, then you can’t simply use a calculator or notebook to manage your family’s money; you need the tools to make a family budget… read more »

Basic Personal Budget Template

Making a personal budget is one of the most important steps you can take to make sure that your finances are stable. In order to do this, you need to identify the right categories for your personal budget, and prioritize and detail certain specific categories. Through a personal budget spreadsheet, you can see exactly where… read more »

College Budget Template

College can be a significant challenge to a student’s financial situation. In addition to tuition, students will need to pay for necessities such as food and rent. Students should achieve their goals by regularly evaluating their financial situation and making a budget. A college budget can help you achieve your financial goals as a student… read more »

Expenses Calculator Template

Managing personal or household expenses in our daily lives can be a challenge. This article will explain how to keep track of your expenses with an ease-to-use expense calculator template. You will need to add each specific transaction to the expense sheet and the expense calculator template will automatically provide you with a bar chart… read more »

Personal Monthly Budget Template

The Personal Monthly Budget Template helps you plan your monthly expenses. The monthly budget template enables you to compare your projected monthly expenses, projected income and actual expenses and income. Most importantly, the monthly budget template gives you a clearer picture of your current financial situation. You can create your personal monthly budget template using… read more »

Family Budget Template

Every family wants to go on a beach vacation, buy a big house and eat good food, but a limited family income may not support you to get everything you want. Then you need a good family budget. Making a family budget assists families in planning and tracking all income and expenses over a specific… read more »

Business Trip Budget Template

When a company grows larger, the needs for travel will grow, which brings an increase in travel costs. In order to effectively track these travel costs, you need to have a travel policy that works for your company. Companies can provide travel budget templates that allow company travelers to fill in travel data in a… read more »

Budget Calculator Template

A budget is an estimate and plan for income and expenses. We create budgets to achieve certain financial goals, such as completing a savings plan or avoiding a family financial crisis. You can see how much you spend in different categories through your budget. A reasonable budget will allow you to be better prepared for… read more »

Channel Marketing Budget Template

Every company needs to plan its channel marketing budget for the year, and you need to allocate the right funds to the right partners based on your company’s total marketing budget to maximize the benefits of your local marketing strategy and to enable your partners to make their skills and teams successful as well. A… read more »

Blue Balance Sheet Template

A balance sheet is a financial statement used to report a company’s assets, liabilities and shareholders’ equity at a specific point in time. When you need to evaluate the return of investment in a project or assess of the capital structure of a company, you can refer to the balance sheet of that project or… read more »

Easy Monthly Budget Template

Most people don’t like to make a budget, but it is an important part of your life. Because a budget helps you plan your monthly spending and you can see your spending habits through a budget spreadsheet, you can easily curb overspending. The current inflationary situation in our society is still severe, which can make… read more »

Wedding Expense Budget Template

One of the trickiest things about weddings is figuring out the breakdown of your wedding budget. In order to figure out the exact breakdown of your wedding costs, such as the wedding budget percentages for catering, costumes, flowers, venue fees and music, you can create a detailed wedding budget spreadsheet that will help you keep… read more »

Monthly College Expense Budget

For college students, a college budget is a key element to help them manage their money and make sure they don’t overspend. When you want to create a college budget, you can start by figuring out all the expense and income items, and then you can create your college budget through Microsoft Excel application or… read more »

Wedding Budget Tracker Template

Weddings can be a very expensive event for most people, and the wedding budget is usually the most important part of wedding planning. It is vital to keep your wedding expenses in order. You will need to keep track of the various expense items for your wedding through a wedding budget spreadsheet. Once you have… read more »

Budget For Fundraiser Event Template

A fundraising event is successful when the income from the event exceeds the cost of the event, or when fundraising expectations are met. For fundraising events, you need to know all the sources of income for the event, such as ticket sales, sponsors, donor contributions, food and beverage sales, advertising sales, sales of goods and… read more »

Watercolor Wash Wedding Budget

Wedding planning can be one of those things that requires a lot of time and effort in your life. A wedding event can be overwhelming if you are not prepared for it. If you pay too much attention to the details of the event, you may not be able to stick to your budget, which… read more »