Wedding Expense Budget Template

One of the trickiest things about weddings is figuring out the breakdown of your wedding budget. In order to figure out the exact breakdown of your wedding costs, such as the wedding budget percentages for catering, costumes, flowers, venue fees and music, you can create a detailed wedding budget spreadsheet that will help you keep track of the budget breakdown for all the cost categories for your wedding event.

Wedding expense budget1

Before you can create a wedding budget, you first need to determine the total budget for your wedding event. After that, you need to know how to allocate the budget. You can refer to the wedding budget breakdown given in the wedding budget template, which can greatly simplify the process for you.

This article will provide a free EXCEL wedding budget template that you can use to track your wedding event based on your estimated and actual costs. This wedding budget template also shows the percentage of the total budget each category takes up with a rising sun chart and highlights the expenses for each category with arrows to show items that are over or under budget.

Wedding expense budget   

This wedding expense budget is officially provided by Microsoft Excel and you can create the template directly in the Excel application or download it through the official website.

You can use this Wedding expense budget template to track the breakdown of the different expense categories for your wedding.

This template contains 3 sheets:Start, Wedding Budget, Expenses.  


  • Start: This sheet contains usage instructions of the Wedding Budget Template.
  • Wedding Budget: This sheet summarizes the estimated and actual amounts spent on different items for wedding events.
  • Expenses: This sheet contains a breakdown of the costs of the different items in the wedding event.

Let’s see how to use this wedding budget template:

Step1: Open Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, click on the File menu, and then click on the New submenu

 Step2: In the New dialog box, find the template search box, type in the keyword ” Wedding expense budget ” and press Enter, you will see the Wedding expense budget template.

Wedding expense budget1

Step3: Click the Create button to download the selected Wedding expense budget   template to create a new Wedding expense budget spreadsheet.

Wedding expense budget1

Step4: You can see an introduction of the usage of the wedding budget template in the start worksheet.

Wedding expense budget1

Step5: You need to enter Estimated and Actual costs for each category in respective tables in Expenses worksheets.Over or under amount is automatically calculated.

Wedding expense budget1

Note: The Total value in each category table is automatically calculated using the SUBTOTAL formula.

Step6: Once you enter the expense details for the different categories in the expense worksheet, you can see the estimated total and actual total expenses for the different categories in the wedding budget worksheet, and a Rising Sun chart lets you see at a glance how much of the total budget each category is taking up.

Wedding expense budget1

If you have a need for a custom budget template, you can leave us a comment.

If you are looking for Wedding budget template, check out Microsoft office site by clicking here.

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