Excel Examples

How To Align Duplicate Values within Two Columns in Excel

This post will guide you how to align duplicate values within two columns based on the first column in your worksheet in Excel. How do I use an formula to align two columns duplicate values in Excel. Aligning Duplicate Values in Two Columns Assuming that you have two columns including product names in your worksheet…. read more »

How to Insert Cell Content into Header or Footer in Excel

This post will guide you how to insert the contents of a paricular into the header or footer cell in your active worksheet in Excel. How do I put a cell value into header or footer in all worksheets in your active workbook using VBA Macro in Excel. Insert cell Content into Header or Footer… read more »

How to Clear or Remove All Formatting Contents in Cells in Excel?

We may receive Excel document from partners or clients with contents marked with different formats. And you want to just clear all of these formats and make the contents in cells displayed in initial formatting by default. You can follow this article to get some methods like Clear Formats and Format Painter functions to clear… read more »

How To Convert Text Case into Uppercase or Lowercase in Excel

This article will introduce two ways to change test case in Excel. You can perform UPPER\LOWER\PROPER functions to convert text into uppercase or lowercase letters in Excel , and you can also use VBA macro to perform the task. Select one you like, and let me show you the methods. You may meet the situation… read more »

How to filter dates by month in Excel with year ignored?

If you have a lists of dates like MM/DD/YYYY or other formats you like in Microsoft Excel, and you may want to filter them by month ignoring the year, you can have below two ways to do filter. Select one you like or depends the amount of date list, let’s get started. First we will… read more »