Excel Examples

How to Auto Fill Formula When Inserting New Rows/Data in Excel

Sometimes we create a table with formula applied to specific column. And when we editing the table, for example inserting a new row with data into the table, we want the new data lists in the specific column is also applied with this formula as well. Normally we can drag down the upper cell applied… read more »

How to Search and Locate Worksheet in Excel

If there are multiple worksheets exist in excel, there will be a lot of worksheet tabs in tab bar. And it is difficult to find a worksheet we want. Though we can search worksheet by right click in worksheet bar to activate worksheet, a simple and convenient way will be better especially there are a… read more »

How to Prevent Texts from Spilling Over to Next Cell in Excel

Row and column have its own height and width by default when launching excel and open a worksheet. If we enter a long string into a single cell without adjust cell width, the string will spill over the width and occupy part position of next cell. See screenshot below. This behavior is very annoying, so… read more »

How to Delete/Remove Hidden Worksheets in Excel?

If there are some hidden worksheets exist in excel and you want delete them as they are not useful, you can unhide all worksheets and remove them one by one. This way is quite annoying and complex. If we can remove all hidden worksheets by only one step or a simple way, it will be… read more »

How to Stop Autofill Color for Extend Cells in Excel

We may notice that if we enter some cells with background color continuously, when you enter a value in the next adjacent cell, the cell is filled with background color as well. This autofill function is very useful if we want to enter values in unique format in worksheet, but on the other side, if… read more »