Excel Examples

How to Convert Uppercase to Lowercase Except the First Letter in Excel

In excel, words can be entered in uppercase, lowercase or mixed. If we want to convert all uppercase to lowercase (except the first letter in some situations), we can use formula with some letter convert related functions to convert them to proper case. This article will introduce you some methods to convert letters from uppercase… read more »

How to Make Negative Numbers Red in Excel

In daily work, we often mark positive number in green and negative numbers in red when calculating increasing values and decreasing values. Mark negative numbers in red color can make users lookup negative numbers immediately by one glance, so, it is useful of us to learn how to make negative numbers red in worksheet. Actually,… read more »

How to Display User-Defined Text in All Blank Cells in Excel

Sometimes there are some blank cells exist in created table, if we want to mark them with user-defined text to make them easier to be found out, how can we do? Actually, there are several ways to implement this. In this article, we will introduce you two tricks to display user defined text in blank… read more »

How to Align Column of Numbers by Decimal Point in Excel

When entering a column of numbers with decimal point, these numbers are aligned right or left by default setting, anyway, they are not aligned by decimal point. If we want to make these numbers aligned by decimal point to make them neatly, we can via Format Cells to customize type of number, then these numbers… read more »

How to Split Number into Different Columns in Excel

Sometimes we get a number consists of some parts, for example, an ID for a student 100100120050121, the first 4 digits 1001 is class ID, next 001 is student ID, the last part 20050121 is the student’s birthday. If we want to split this number into three columns refer to above three parts, how can… read more »

How to Generate Random Time in Excel

In some special situations we may need to generate some random times in worksheet. We can enter time manually and one by one, but if we want to require a lot of random dates in excel worksheet, we will spend a lot of time on manual entry, and this work is very boring. Above all,… read more »

How to Disable Protected View in Excel Option

In our daily work, we often download some excel files from a company internal trusted website, this website can be seen as a share folder in some companies, employees can upload files to this website and download files as well. Here’s the question, we may notice that after downloading excel files from websites even trusted… read more »