Excel Examples

How to Find All & Select All Merged Cells in Excel

We open an excel file and find there are merged cells obviously in it, and if we want to find out all of the merged cells, how can we do? In this article, there are two ways to find merged cells, you can use Find command, or use VBA code to find them out. First… read more »

How to Hide Zero (0) Values in Excel

Sometimes we want to find all zero value cells in worksheet and hide zero value to make the data to be checked easier. In this article, we will provide you some simple ways like changing format settings or by IF function to hide zero values. Prepare a table with some 0 value cells. At the… read more »

How to Disable Automatic Hyperlinks in Excel

Sometimes when we entering a website into the cell, we may notice that it changes to hyperlink automatically after entering the website. Actually most time we just want to show it and don’t want user to click on it to connect the real website, how can we prevent this? This article will provide you some… read more »

How to Concatenate Cells and Add Different Separators in Excel?

Sometimes we want to concatenate words which are separated into different cells into one big column, how can we do? Now we will share you some small tips to concatenate words in Excel, and you can also add different separators between words if you like. Concatenate cells by CONCATENATE Function This function is very useful… read more »

How to Count Only Unique Values Excluding Duplicates in Excel

We enter a list of numbers or products and there are some duplicates in the list, if we want to just do count for the unique values and exclude the duplicates, how can we do? Now you can follow the below steps to solve this question by formula quickly. Prepare a list of products and… read more »

How to Hide Contents in Cells and Make Them Invisible in Excel

Sometimes we will record some important information in our worksheet for example like product code, serial number or some personal information telephone number etc., so we want to hide these contents in Excel and make them invisible if others open the worksheet. This article will show you’re the quickly way to hide the contents in… read more »

How to Calculate Sum of a Column Ignore #N/A in Excel

We often use Sum function to calculate the total amount of a column. If #N/A exists in the column, how can we ignore them and just calculate the numbers in the column. This article will show you the simple method to do count ignore the invalid #N/A. First prepare a list of number contains #N/A… read more »

How to Add Brackets for Cells in Excel

Sometimes we need to add brackets into cells to enclose texts for some reasons. If we only add brackets for one single cell, it is very easy, but if there are a column of cells need to add brackets, how can we do? This article will show you three simple ways to add brackets by… read more »