Excel Examples

How to Extract First Letter from Each Word in a Cell in Excel

This post will guide you how to extract first letter from each word in a given cell in Excel. How do I extract the first letter of each word in a range of names in your current worksheet in Microsoft Excel 2013/2016. Assume that you have a range of First, Second and third names and… read more »

How to Auto Convert KB, MB, GB, PG, TB in Excel

This post will guide you how to convert value in KB format to MB, GB, PB and TB automatically in Microsoft Excel. How do I convert size in bytes to KB, MB, GB, TB and PB in Excel 2013/2016. For example, assume that you have a list of data  which unit is bytes, and you… read more »

How to AutoFilter a Table based on a Cell Value in Excel

This post will guide you how to auto filter a given range of cells based on a certain cell value in Excel 2013/2016. How do I use VBA Autofilter function to filter the data based on a cell value in Excel. For example, you wish to quickly filter the data in range A1:B5 based on… read more »

How to Get Another Cell Value If One Cell Equals in Excel

This post will guide you how to extract another cell value if one specified cell equals to a given value or an adjacent cell value using a formula in Excel 2013/2016. Normally, if you want to do some operation when a given cell equals a certain value, and you can create a new formula based… read more »

How to ignore Blank Cells while Concatenating cells in Excel

This post will guide you how to concatenate cells but ignore all blank cells in your worksheet in Excel. How do I concatenate cells but ignore blank cells with a formula in Excel. How to create a concatenate formula to skip blank cells with user defined function in Excel 2013/2016. Concatenating Cells but Ignore Blanks… read more »

How to Calculate Average Ignore Blank and Zero Cells in Excel

Sometimes we need to calculate the average for a list or a range of numbers, but blank cells and zero cells may be also included in the selected range, so if these invalid cells are included, we often get error when calculating the average. Above all, in this article, we will introduce you to apply… read more »

How to Split Cells by the First Space in Texts in Excel

Sometimes we may use space to separate texts to different groups in one cell, if we want to split this cell to multiple columns refer to space, we can implement this via ‘Text to Columns’ feature. But is there any way to split one cell to only two cells by the first space in the… read more »

How to Remove All Asterisk Characters from Cells in Excel

Sometimes when we opening an excel spreadsheet to check data, we may notice that there are some asterisks exist in texts for security or other reasons. If you feel these special characters are invalid you can remove them from cells. To remove all asterisks, you can directly remove them manually by holding Backspace, it is… read more »

How to Change Date to The Day of Week in Excel

In excel, we can type a date properly if set cell format as ‘Date’. If there is a list includes multiple dates, is there any way to convert these dates to the days of week accordingly? Actually, there are some tricks to convert date to day of week simply, in this free tutorial we will… read more »

How to Add Times Over 24 Hours in Excel

When calculating the total working hours or total efforts in our work, we can use SUM function to calculate total hours conveniently. But when you applying this function in you daily work, you may notice that it only works to calculate total hours less than 24 hours, if the total hours are greater than 24… read more »

How to Format Numbers to Thousands & Millions & Billions in Excel

This post will guide you how to format numbers into thousands or millions or billions with Format Cells function in Excel 2013/2016. How do I format large numbers with Thousands or Millions separators in Excel. For example, number 8000 should be shown as 8 or 8K, 8000000 should be shown as 8 or 8M. and… read more »

How to Show or Hide Chart Axis in Excel

This post will guide you how to show or hide chart Axis in your current worksheet in Excel 2013/2016. How do I show or hide Axes or 3-D chart Axes, Horizontal Axis, Vertical Axis or secondary Vertical Axis in your chart in Excel. Normally, Once you create a newly chart based on your data in… read more »

How to Use VLOOKUP for Approximate or Exact Matches in Excel

This post will guide you how to use VLOOKUP function to look up values based on an exact or approximate match in Excel 2013/2016 or the higher versions. VLOOKUP function can search a range of cells for a specific value or data and if a match is found, and it will return a piece of… read more »

How to Extract Bold Text from A List in Excel

In our daily work we may mark some texts in bold to make them to be noticed clearly. And if we want to extract them from original list, we need to know the ways to find them and then move them to another range. This free tutorial will introduce you two ways to extract bold… read more »

How to Delete Entire Rows if Blank Cell Exists in Excel

Sometimes we need to delete the entire row which contains blank cell from a table. Though we can delete them by right click on row index and just ‘Delete’ them manually, if they are not adjacent or the table is very long, to delete rows manually is very troublesome. As there are a lot of… read more »

How to Average Absolute Values in Excel

We can use AVERAGE function to calculate average of certain values. We can use ABS function to get absolute values for both positive number and negative number. If we want to get the average absolute values, we need to combine both above two functions in the formula. In this free tutorial, we will provide two… read more »

How to Turn Off AutoCorrect Feature in Excel?

In excel, when typing into the wrong spelled word, it will automatically correct it and display the correct word directly. This auto correct function is controlled by AutoCorrect feature. If we want to keep the wrong spelled word without changing, we can turn off the AutoCorrect feature. This tutorial will introduce you the way to… read more »