Excel Charts

Create Pie of Pie or Bar of Pie Charts in Excel

This post will guide you how to create pie of pie or bar of pie charts in Excel. The pie of pie charts is used to represent separate tiny slices from the main pie chart and show them in additional pie charts in your current worksheet. Create Pie of Pie To create a pie of… read more »

Add Total Labels to Stacked Chart

This post will guide you how to add total data labels to the Excel Stacked Column Chart. How do I add totals to stacked charts for readability in Excel. How to create a stacked bar chart with total data labels in Excel. How to add total labels to a stacked column or bar chart in… read more »

Make Chart X Axis Labels Display below Negative Data

This post will guide you how to make chart X Axis labels to display below negative in Excel. How do I move X Axis labels to bottom on your chart in Excel. How to make the chart X Axis go on the bottom of the chart in Excel. Move X Axis to Bottom for Negative… read more »

Break Chart Y Axis

This post will guide you how to break the Chart Y axis in an Excel worksheet. How do I make a chart with a break Y axis in Excel. Break Chart Y Axis For example, Assuming that you have the data in a range (B2:B5) from 10-50 and another range (C2:C5) from 60-90. You have… read more »

Add Data Labels in a Chart

This post will guide you how to add data labels into a newly created excel chart. How do I add or move data labels to a chart in Excel 2013/2016.How to add data labels to a chart in excel 2010 or 2007. ¬†Add Data Labels in a Chart When you created a chart in your… read more »

Copying Chart with Text Boxes

When you inserted some text boxes into your current chart and you want to copy this chart into another worksheet, you will find that those text boxes are not copied into the new place. So how do I copying chart with text boxes in excel. and this post will guide you how to copy an… read more »

Create a Step Chart

This post will guide you how to create a step chart in your current worksheet. How to create a step chart based on the common line chart in excel. and what is a step chart? the step chart is used to show the changes that occur at irregular intervals in excel. and it is different… read more »

Creating Win/Loss Sparkline Chart

You can use the Win Loss chart to display the trends of the data that contain positive and negative values as different colors, it will help you quickly spot trends in a large data set. So it should be a great way to spot the trend is to add a Win/Loss Sparkline chart next to… read more »

Add Dotted Line for Future Data

This post will guide you how to add the dotted line for the forecasted data in an existing line chart in excel. Assuming that you have a line chart that shows the actual data, and you can also add the forecast values as another data series, and how to add those newly forecast values into… read more »

Create Bell Curve Chart

The Bell curve chart is also called as normal probability distributions in Statistics and it will be used to show a plot of normal distribution of a given data set. This post will guide you how to create a chart of a bell curve in Microsoft Excel. And How to save the generated bell curve… read more »