Make Chart X Axis Labels Display below Negative Data

This post will guide you how to make chart X Axis labels to display below negative in Excel. How do I move X Axis labels to bottom on your chart in Excel. How to make the chart X Axis go on the bottom of the chart in Excel.

Move X Axis to Bottom for Negative Data

When you created a bar chart or line chart in your worksheet, and the X Axis labels are stuck at 0 position of the Axis. And if you source data have negative values, and you want to move X Axis labels below negative, how to achieve it. Let’s see the below detailed steps.

#1 click the X Axis to select it.

make chart x to bottom1

#2 right click on the selected X Axis, and select Format Axis… from the pop-up menu list. The Format Axis pane will be displayed in the right of excel window.

#3 on Format Axis pane, expand the Labels section, select Low option from the Label Position drop-down list box. Close the Format Axis pane.

make chart x to bottom2

#4 you will see that the X-Axis labels have been moved to bottom of the chart.

make chart x to bottom3