Adding comment to A Data Point in a Chart

This post will guide you how to add a comment to a data point in an excel chart. How do I add a comment into a data point of chart or graph in excel.

For example, if you have created a line chart in your current worksheet like as below:

add comments1

Then you want to add one comment for a data point in the line chart. Just do the following steps:

#1 right click on a certain data point, click Add Data Labels from the drop down list. Then select Add Data Labels.

add comments2

#2 right click on the data label, select Format Data Label… from the pop-up menu list.

add comments3

#3 add comment “excelhow” in the data label

add comments4

#4 right click on the data label again, select Change Data Label Shape, then select one data label shapes, such as: Right Arrow Callout.

add comments5

#5 you will see that a comment has been added into the data label of data point in this line chart.

add comments6