Adding Data Points to an Existing Line Chart

This post will guide you how to add a single data point in an existing line char in excel. How do I add a single point to a graph that already has a line chart in Excel 2013/2016.

Assuming that you have a line chart in excel, and the product cost is on the y-axis, and the product is in the x-axis. And if you want to add a single data point appear on that line chart based on a number that you typed into a value into one cell in another column. You can refer to the below steps:

1# type one data point value in one cell in a new column, such as Cell  C2.

add data points1

2# Right click on the existing line chart, and click Select Data…from the drop-down list. And the “Select Data Source” window will appear.

add data points2


3# Click “Add” button in the Legend Entries section.

add data points2-1

4# enter one Series name in the Series name text box, such as: single data point, then choose the whole column including that single data point value (Cell C2). Click OK button.

add data points3

5# you will see that the specified data point has been added on the existing line chart.

add data points4


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