How to Autofill VLOOKUP Correctly in Excel

VLOOKUP function is extremely strong among excel all functions. We often use it in our work for looking up match value. Sometimes when we autofill VLOOKUP we may get some errors. For most situations that’s because the selected range is entered incorrectly or changed automatically during filling process. This tutorial will help you to enter… read more »

How to Lookup Value by VLOOKUP Partial Match in Excel

VLOOKUP function is very strong and we often use this function in our daily life. And we all know that we can use VLOOKUP to get proper value by entering a value which is exactly the same with the lookup value in selected lookup range. If the entered value is not exactly matching the lookup… read more »

How to VLOOKUP with Dropdown List in Excel?

We often use VLOOKUP function to find proper value by certain conditions in excel. And we often create a dropdown list to filter value in excel. If you combine these two features together, it can help us solve a lot of search problems by some conditions, and it will bring us a lot of convenience…. read more »

How to Lookup Values from Right to Left in Excel

This post will guide you how to vlookup values from right to left in your worksheet in excel. How do I look up values to left column with a column in Excel 2013/2016. How to use Vlookup function to extract the corresponding value of the left column in your worksheet in Excel. Lookup Values to… read more »