Excel Glossary

Excel Array Construction

This article will talk about how to create one-dimensional array or two-dimensional array by using some functions in Excel. When using array formulas in Excel, we often use functions to construct arrays. Generate Array with ROW or COLUMN Functions Array formulas often need to use “natural number” as parameters of the function, such as the… read more »

Excel Array Operation

We have all heard of arrays. Depending on the dimensionality, they are divided into one-dimensional arrays and two-dimensional arrays. Depending on the data type, they can also be divided into numeric arrays, logical arrays, and so on. The concatenation and operation of different arrays is an important part of excel formulas. Many people are still… read more »

Excel Array Formula

An array formula is a special formula that is converted from a normal formula by the Ctrl+Shift+Enter shortcut. Excel automatically adds curly brackets “{}” at the beginning and end of an array formula. The essence of the array formula is a cell formula, used to explicitly notify the Excel calculation engine to perform multiple calculations… read more »

Excel Array

What is Excel Array? In Excel functions and formulas, an array is a collection of data elements in one row, one column, or multiple rows and columns. Array elements can be numeric, text, date, logical and error values. The dimension of the array is the direction of the rows and columns of the array. An… read more »

Excel/Google Sheets: Relative Reference

In a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or Google spreadsheet, the cell is the smallest element in the worksheet. First of all, the top left corner of the cell as the origin, down to the table for the rows, to the right for the table’s columns, so that it constitutes the coordinate position of the cell in… read more »