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How to Get the List of File Names From a Folder

This post will teach you how to get the list of file names in a given directory to a worksheet in Excel. You will learn that how to use Excel to view Files and Folders in your worksheet by get the list of file names with different ways, such as: Excel VBA Macro, or FILES… read more »

How to get nth Match with One Criteria using INDEX/MATCH

This post will guide you how to get nth match based on one criteria with INDEX and MATCH in Excel. In the previous post, we used one excel formula to get the position of the nth occurrence of a value based on one criteria, at this moment, we can also use it in the new… read more »

How to Reverse a List or Range

This post will guide you how to reverse a list of values or a range of values in excel. How to reverse the order of a column data or a list of items using excel formula. How to reverse a range with sort command. How to reverse a list or column value with VBA. Reverse… read more »

How to Create an Array of Numbers

This post explains how to return an array of numbers using an excel formula in excel. Create an Array of Numbers If you want to create an array of numbers, you can use a combination of the ROW function, the INDIRECT function or OFFSET function or INDEX function or MIN function to create a new… read more »