Find Duplicate Values in Two Columns

This tutorial will show you how to find duplicate values in two given columns in Excel. Or How to compare two columns and find duplicate entries in Microsoft Excel worksheet. And you will learn two methods to compare columns so that the duplicate values can be highlighted or listed in a range of Cells.

Assuming that you need to compare two columns (Column A and Column B) to get the duplicate values in your worksheet, you can find duplicate values in two columns with Excel Formula, or Excel VBA Macro code.

Method 1: Find duplicate values in two columns with Excel Formula

To compare two given columns and find duplicate values in Excel, you can use a combination of the IF function, the ISERROR function, and the MATCH function to create an Excel formula. So you can use the following formula:

=IF(ISERROR(MATCH(A1,$B$1:$B$4,0))," ",A1)

Now you need to type this formula in Cell C1, press Enter key, drag AutoFill Handle down to Cell C2:C4, you will see all of the duplicated values are displayed in Column C.

find duplicate values in two columns1

Method 2: Find duplicate values in two columns with VBA Macro code

If you are familiar with the programming language and you can use a Visual Basic Macro to compare the value in two columns and then find duplicate values, just refer to the following steps:

1# click on “Visual Basic” command under DEVELOPER Tab.

Get the position of the nth using excel vba1

2# then the “Visual Basic Editor” window will appear.

3# click “Insert” ->”Module” to create a new module

convert column number to letter3

4# paste the below VBA code into the code window. Then clicking “Save” button.

find duplicate cells in two columns111

Sub FindUplicatesinTwoColumns()
    Set Range1 = Application.Selection
    Set Range1 = Application.InputBox("Select the first range in one column:", "FindUplicatesinTwoColumns", Range1.Address, Type:=8)
    Set Range2 = Application.InputBox("Select the second range in another column:", "FindUplicatesinTwoColumns", Type:=8)

    For Each R1 In Range1
        xValue = R1.Value
        For Each R2 In Range2
            If xValue = R2.Value Then
                If R3 Is Nothing Then
                    Set R3 = R1
                    Set R3 = Application.Union(R3, R1)
                End If
            End If

End Sub

5# back to the current worksheet, then run the above excel macro.

find duplicate values in two columns3

6# Select the first range A1:A4 in Column A, click OK button, then select the second range B1:B4 in Column B, click OK button.

find duplicate values in two columns4 find duplicate values in two columns5

7# let’s see the result:

find duplicate values in two columns6

Method 3: Find duplicate values in two columns with Conditional Formatting feature

You can use conditional formatting with on a formula based on the COUNTIF function and the AND function to find the duplicate values in two specified columns and then highlighted them. Just do it following:

1# Select the entire Column A via click on the Column Header and then the column A will be highlighted

find duplicate values in two columns7

2# on the HOME tab, click the Conditional Formatting command under Styles group. Then select New Rules… from the drop-down menu list.

find duplicate values in two columns8

3# select Use a formula to determine which cells to format as Rule Type in the New Formatting Rule window

4# Type the following formula in the Format values where this formula is true: box

=COUNTIf($B:$B, $A1)

5# click the Format… button, then the Format Cells window will appear.

6# in the “Format Cells” window, switch to the Fill tab, choose the background color, and then click OK button.

7#you will be back to the New Formatting Rule windows and you can check a preview of the formatting you have selected. Then click OK button.

find duplicate values in two columns9

Then the conditional formatting rule will be applied to all values in two columns and highlighted the duplicate values.

find duplicate values in two columns9

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