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When you open an new workbook or start excel application, it will create 3 new blank worksheets. This section will explain you how to create/insert/delete/move/copy/rename a  worksheet.

Select/Create a Worksheet

1.  Automatically created by creating a new workbook

You may find there is always an opened worksheet used for users entering or editing data in Excel operating process. In this case, a new worksheet can be opened with creating a new workbook.

2. Create a new worksheet from current workbook

If you want to create a new worksheet other than your current one, directly click ‘Add’ button near ‘Sheet1’.

Add button

Rename a Worksheet

You can rename a worksheet via the following two ways:

#1  double click on ‘Sheet1’ -> ‘Sheet1’ is selected and marked with blue background -> Rename a worksheet

Select Sheet1

#2  Click ‘Home’ -> Cells -> Format -> Rename sheet (Notes here if worksheet is displayed in full screen, ignore ‘Cells’ step)

Rename Sheet in Cells

Insert a Worksheet

Right click on ‘Sheet1’ -> Insert Sheet (or just click ‘+’)

Insert Sheet

Copy a Worksheet

Click on sheet you want to copy (Sheet5 for example) -> Move or Copy -> Select Sheet5 -> Check on ‘Create a copy’ option -> Click ‘OK’.

Step1: Select ‘Move or Copy

Move or Copy

Step2: Select Sheet5, check on ‘Create a copy’, click ‘Ok

Select Sheet5 in Copy

Step3: Sheet5 (2) is added.

Copy Sheet5 (2)

Move a Worksheet

The below will show you how to move a worksheet via 2 ways:

#1 Drag and move worksheet to the proper position, then release your mouse.

Step1: Drag

Darg Sheet1

Step2: Move and Release

Move Sheet1
Move Sheet1 between Sheet2 and Sheet3

#2 Click on sheet you want to move (Sheet5 for example) -> Move or Copy -> Select Sheet you want to move before (Sheet1 for example) -> Click ‘OK’. This method is often used for multiple sheets exist in one workbook.

Step1: Select Sheet1 in ‘before sheet

Select Sheet1 in Move

Step2: Sheet5 is moved before Sheet1

Move Sheet5 before Sheet1

Switch a Worksheet

If multiple worksheets list in Excel, how can we select the one we want quickly?
Right click on ‘right arrow’ near ‘Sheet1’ to see all sheets, then select sheet.

Right click arrow to see all sheets

Change Background Color

Sometimes we can set different colors to distinguish different worksheets or group worksheets.
Right click on ‘Sheet1’ -> Tab Color -> Select Color, below example is changed to Red color.

Tab Color

Hide & Unhide a Worksheet


1. Right click ‘Sheet’ -> ‘Hide’, the current workbook (a worksheet exactly) is hidden. Notes here, if only one worksheet exists, Excel doesn’t allow to hide the worksheet.

Hide worksheet


1. Same way, click ‘Sheet’ (any one is ok) -> ‘Unhide’, select the one you want to unhide, then click ‘OK’.


 Unhide Screen

Unhide screen

Delete a Worksheet

1. Right click on ‘Sheet1’ -> Delete.

Delete a worksheet

If you already edit worksheet without saving, below message will pop up when clicking ‘Delete’ for confirm


Almost all worksheets operations can be done in Sheet navigator, but you can also operate worksheets in Home->Cells->Formats, details see ‘Rename a Worksheet’ method #2.


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