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How do I insert a new column in excel? How do I delete a column in excel? How to delete multiple columns in Excel workbook? How to hide a column from being displayed in excel? How to unhide the hidden columns in excel? This post will guide you how to Insert/Delete/Hide/Unhide/Sizing columns in Microsoft Excel.

Insert Column

If you wish to insert a new column in current workbook, just following below steps:

#1 Select one column or a cell that you want to insert the new column and the new column will be inserted on the left side of the selected column or cell. For example: select column B or B1 cell.

excel column select cell

#2 Right-click and then click “Insert…

excel column right-click

#3  A “Insert” window will appear. Then click “Entire column” radio button.

excel column entire column

#4 Let’ see the result.

excel column insert column

Delete Column

If you wish to delete one column or multiple columns in current workbook, just following below steps:

#1 Select a cell or a column that you want to delete. For example: select column 2 or B2 cell.

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#2 Right-click and then click “Delete…

excel column delete column

#3  A “Delete” window will appear. Then click “Entire row” radio button. Click “OK” button.

excel column delete entire column

#4 Let’ see the result.

excel column entire column result

Note: if you want to delete multiple columns, you just need to select those columns via clicking column number then right-click on it.  Next, click “Delete”. All columns you selected will be deleted immediately.

excel column delete multiple column

Hide Column

The below steps will explain that how to hide a column in excel.

#1 Select column that you wish to hide via clicking column number.

column hide selected

#2  Right-click on column B, then click “Hide

column hide right click

#3 Let’s see the result, column B should be hidden.

column hide result

Unhide row

If you wish to unhide the hidden column, please refer to the below steps:

#1  Select the columns that contain the hidden column. For example, column B was hidden, now we need to select Column A and Column C.

column unhide select

#2 Right click and select “Unhide

column unhide right click

#3 The hidden column should be unhidden, let’s see the result.

column unhide reslut

Sizing Column

Sometimes, we wish to change the width of a column in excel, the below steps will guide you how to change the column width.

#1 Select column that you want to change width via clicking column number.

#2 Right-click and then click “Column Width…

column sizing right click

#3  A “Column width” window will appear.

column sizing width window

#4  Input new value for column width, such as: 20, then click “OK” button.

column sizing width set value

#5  Let’s see the result. column 3 should be the new column width.

column sizing result

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