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Convert Data to Weekday name or Month Name

This post will explain that how to convert a date to weekday name or month name or year? How do I change a date in one cell to display only the weekend name or month name with an Excel formula? For example, if you want to convert a date 11/6/2018 to Tuesday or November only,… read more »

How to Convert Numbers to Text

This post explains that how to convert numbers to text format in excel. How to change or convert number to text format with Text function. How to change a number as text format with Format Cells command.  How to convert a number to text using excel concatenate operator. Convert Numbers to Text with Text function… read more »

How to insert leading zeros to number or text

This post explains that how to insert or add leading zeros in front of a number or text string in excel. How do add the leading zero to the front of the number using Text function in excel. Add leading zeros to number or text If you have a list of zip codes or employee… read more »

Combining the Replace function with Text function in Excel

In excel, we can use Replace function in combination with Text function to replace date characters that are part of the text string. And this post will guide you how to use TEXT function as the first arguments to replace text string in REPLACE function in excel 2013. We have talked in the previous post… read more »

Excel Text Function

This post will guide you how to use Excel TEXT function with syntax and examples in Microsoft excel. Description The Excel TEXT function converts a numeric value into text string with a specified format. The TEXT function is a build-in function in Microsoft Excel and it is categorized as a Text Function. The TEXT function is available… read more »