How to Convert Numbers to Text

This post explains that how to convert numbers to text format in excel. How to change or convert number to text format with Text function. How to change a number as text format with Format Cells command.  How to convert a number to text using excel concatenate operator.

1. Convert Numbers to Text with Text function

If you want to easily convert numbers to text format, you can use the TEXT function to create an excel formula.

Assuming that you want to convert a number value in cell B1 to Text format, you can write down the following formula:


So if you just want the number converted to text without any formatting, you can enter the above formula in the Cell C1, then press Enter key:

convert number to text1

You will see that all number are moved to the left side of their cells.

2. Convert Numbers to Text with Format Cells Command

You can also use the Format Cells command to convert numbers to text in excel. Just refer to the following steps:

Step1# Select the cells that you want to convert.

convert number to text2

Step2# Right click on the selected cells, and click “Format Cells…” from the drop-down list. Then the Format Cells dialog box will appear.

convert number to text3

Step3# switch to the Number Tab, then choose Text from the list of formatting categories.

convert number to text4

Step4# click OK button.

convert number to tex5

You will see that the number in selected cells are converted as Text format.

3. Convert Numbers to Text with concatenate operator

You can use the concatenate operator to join an empty text string and a number, then it will return a text string just containing the number. So it will be treated as Text string. So you can use the following formula to convert number in Cell B1 to text:


Now you can enter the above formula in Cell C1, just see the below screenshot:

convert number to text5

4. Video: How to Convert Numbers to Text in Excel

In this video, you will learn how to convert numbers to text in Excel using the TEXT function and the Format Cells command.

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