How to Generate Random Time in Excel

In some special situations we may need to generate some random times in worksheet. We can enter time manually and one by one, but if we want to require a lot of random dates in excel worksheet, we will spend a lot of time on manual entry, and this work is very boring. Above all, we need to find out a quick and convenient way to insert random times in excel, this tutorial will help you to solve this problem by enter formula with TEXT and RAND functions.

Part 1: Generate Random Time in Excel

Step 1: Select one cell, enter the formula =TEXT(RAND(),”HH:MM:SS”). RAND function returns a random number, TEXT function can convert number to a proper format, in this formula we convert number to HH:MM:SS format.

Generate Random Time 1

Step 2: Click Enter to get the result. Verify that a random time is displayed.

Generate Random Time 2

Step 3: We just need to drag fill handle down to create more random times. You can also copy this formula to other cells to get more random times.


Actually, you can also only use RAND function itself to get a random time here. For example, enter =RAND() in cell A1. Then we get a real number.

Generate Random Time 4

In Home ribbon, click General dropdown list in Number group.

Generate Random Time 5

Select Time format.

Then we will get a random time properly.

Part 2: Generate Random Time Between Two Times in Excel

Step 1: For RAND function, if you want to generate a number between a and b, we can use =RAND()*(b-a)+a to get a random number. So if we want to get a random time between a and b, we can use formula =TEXT(RAND()*(b-a)/24+a/24,”HH:MM:SS”). So, if we want get a random time between 7 to 13 o’clock, in cell A1, enter =TEXT(RAND()*(13-7)/24+7/24,”HH:MM:SS”).

Generate Random Time 3

In above screenshot, we can see that returned random time 10:33:13 can meet our expectation. As we mentioned above, we can also only use RAND function here as well, enter =RAND()*(13-7)/24+7/24, then convert it to time format.

Step 2: Drag fill handle down. Verify that random times between time 7 and 13 o’clock are displayed properly.

Generate Random Time 7

Part 3: Generate Random Date and Time in Excel

Step 1: Refer to above parts, we can update the formula to get date and time properly. Enter the formula

=TEXT(RAND()*(“1/1/2019 7:00:00” – “12/31/2019 13:00:00″)+”12/31/2019 13:00:00″,”MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS”).

Generate Random Time 8

Verify that a random date and time is returned properly. You can change start and end date time to meet your demands.

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