Excel Bar Chart

This post will explain that how to create a basic Bar Chart in your current worksheet based on the specified data points in Excel. And the Bar Chart is the horizontal version of a Column Chart in Excel. And you can use the Bar Chart to visually compare values across a few categories when the chart shows duration or the category text is long.

Create Bar Chart

If you want to create a Bar chart in your current worksheet, just need to the do following steps:

1# Select the data range that you want to use for the Bar chart, such as: A1:D4 (click the arrow to see the different types of bar charts available)

excel chart1

2# go to Insert Tab, Click Insert Bar Chart button under Charts group.

excel bar chart1

3# click any one Clustered Bar from the drop down list

excel bar chart2

4# you will see that one Excel Bar Chart has been generated as below:

excel bar chart3

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