How to Count Numbers with Leading Zeros

This post explains that how to count numbers with leading zeros as Text format in excel. How to count numeric format strings with a different number of leading zeros using excel formula.

Count Strings with Leading Zeros

Suppost you have a list of product ID in your worksheet, and the product ID contains the different number of leading zeros in the front of string. And if you use the COUNTIF function to count numbers with leading zeros, but it will remove those leading zeros, it means that 1289 and 001289 are the same strings.

So how to preserve the leading zeros while counting numbers. And you can use another Excel function named as SUMPRODUCT.

For example, you want to count strings with leading zeros in the range A2:A6, you can write down the following formula based on the SUMPRODUCT function.


You can enter this formula into Cell B2, then press Enter key. Then you can drag AutoFill Handle down to other cells to apply this formula.

count string with leading zero1

You can also use another excel array formula to count strings with leading zeros as follows:


count string with leading zero2

Note: when you enter this formula into Cell B2, you still need to press Ctrl+Shift+Enter keys to convert this formula as Array formula.

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