How to insert leading zeros to number or text

This post explains that how to insert or add leading zeros in front of a number or text string in excel. How do add the leading zero to the front of the number using Text function in excel.

Add leading zeros to number or text

If you have a list of zip codes or employee ID that were once text with leading zeros, However when you type a zip code like “021103“ in a cell, then you will find excel will truncate it to “21103” immediately. So how to keep leading zeros in the front of zip code in cell.

Assuming that you want to insert leading zeros  to number in Cell A2, then you can try to use the TEXT function to create an excel formula as follows:


The number format “000000” in TEXT formula will convert the number to a 6 digit number. If a number is greater than zero, then the number will be displayed, otherwise a zero will be displayed. The last result will be stored as Text format.

You can refer to the below steps to add leading zeros:

1# enter the above formula in the Cell C2, then press enter key

add leading zeros1

2# click AutoFill handle down to all other cells. You will see that all the zip codes in column A are copied to the column C with leading zeros.

add leading zeros2

You can also use the CONCATENATE function to add the specific digit of leading zeros into each number, such as, adding three leading zeros in the front of the zip code, just use the following formula:


add leading zeros1

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