How to clear all print area in active excel workbook


In the previous post, we talked that how to set same area to multiple worksheets in active workbook.  And this post explains that how to quickly clear all print area in multiple sheets at once in excel.

1. Clear All Print Areas for all worksheets

You can write an excel macro to quickly clear all print area in an active workbook. You just need to refer to the following steps:

1# click on “Visual Basic” command under DEVELOPER Tab.

Get the position of the nth using excel vba1

2# then the “Visual Basic Editor” window will appear.

3# click “Insert” ->”Module” to create a new module

convert column number to letter3

4# paste the below VBA code into the code window. Then clicking “Save” button.

Sub ClearAllPrintArea()
    Dim s As Worksheet
    For Each s In Worksheets
        s.PageSetup.PrintArea = ""
End Sub

5# back to the current worksheet, then run the above excel macro.

2. Clear Print Area in Current Worksheet

If you want to clear a print area or multiple print areas in the current worksheet, then clearing a print area will remove all the print areas in your worksheet.

1# click any cells on the worksheet that you want to clear the print area.

2# click “Page Layout”-> “Print Area”-> “Clear Print Area”.

clear print area1

3. Video: Clear All Print Areas for all worksheets

This Excel video tutorial, where we unravel the intricacies of print area management in Excel. we’ll cover two essential tasks: ‘Clearing All Print Areas for all worksheets’ and ‘Clearing Print Area in the Current Worksheet.

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