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I will show you some basic functions about Workbook operating. Include Create a workbook, Open a workbook, Save a workbook, Recover a workbook, Hide & Unhide a workbook, Close a workbook.

Create a new workbook

If you want to create a new workbook, you can follow the below two ways :

#1 Click ‘Customize Quick Access Toolbar’ arrow -> check on ‘New’ (then ‘New’ button is shown on toolbar) -> Click ‘New’.

Customize Quick Access Toolbar

File button

#2 Click ‘File’ button -> Click ‘New’ -> Double click on ‘blank workbook’.

create new workbook file
New blank workbook

Open an existing workbook

You can open an existing workbook via the below 3 ways:

#1 Find your workbook -> double click on it.

#2 Click ‘File’ -> Click ‘Open’ -> Click Computer and find the existing workbook you want to open on your PC -> Click ‘Open’.

Opem an existing workbook 2

#3  Through the history function: click ‘Recent’, the latest opened/edit workbook will be shown at the right window.

Opem an existing workbook 1

Save a workbook

you can save a workbook directly  via save button or save the current workbook to another location or file name(save as…).

1. Save

Directly click ‘Save’ button (current workbook will not disappear and just be saved in background)
Save workbook

Or Click ‘File’ -> ‘Save’ (save in background).

Opem an existing workbook 2

2. Save as

Click ‘File’ -> ‘Save As’-> ’Computer’, then enter the workbook name, select proper path, then save current workbook.

Opem an existing workbook 2

3. Save with password

Step1# Click ‘File’ -> ‘Options’ -> ‘Info’ -> ‘Protect Workbook’, select ‘Encrypt with Password’.

Encript with password

Step2# Enter ‘Password’ and ‘Reenter Password’, then click ‘OK’.

Password Dialog

Step3# Restart workbook. You must enter password to open Book1.

Enter Password

Step4# Auto save a workbook (incase of power down, system crash…)
Click ‘File’ -> ‘Options’, select Save, check on ‘Save AutoRecover information every X minutes’ and ‘Keep the last autosaved version if I close without saving’ (details see below section ‘Recover Workbook’).

excel auto save

Recover Workbook

This function is related to auto save function.

1. Recover workbook

Click ‘File’ -> ‘Info’ -> ‘Versions’, recent auto backup versions will be loaded (there are no previous versions of this file in below sample).

Recover Workbook

Notes: if workbook is shutdown by power down or system crash, restart Excel will automatically load Document Recover task window, user can select the original or the latest backup version.

2. Recover unsaved workbook

Close current workbook without saving (maybe you want to click ‘yes’ but actually click ‘no’)

#1  Click ‘File’ -> ‘Info’ -> ‘Versions’ -> ‘Manage Versions’ -> ‘Recover unsaved workbook’, unsaved workbook will be listed.

Recover Unsaved Workbooks

#2 Click ‘File’ -> Open -> ‘Recent Workbooks’, ‘Recover Unsaved Workbooks’ button is listed at the right window.

Recover Unsaved Workbooks2

Hide & Unhide a workbook

1. Hide

Right click ‘Sheet’ -> ‘Hide’, the current workbook (a worksheet exactly) is hidden.

Hide wordbook

Notes: If only one worksheet exists, Excel doesn’t allow to hide the worksheet.

2. Unhide

Same way, click ‘Sheet’ (any one is ok) -> ‘Unhide’, select the one you want to unhide, then click ‘OK

.Unhide workbook

Unhide sheet1

Close workbook

1. Quit Excel

Click ‘Close’ button on the right top corner or <Alt+F4> KEY Combination.

Close workbook

2. Quit Workbook

Click ‘File’ -> ’Close’ or <Ctrl+W> Combination, then no workbook shows.

Close sheet1 but stay in excel

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