Get the First Monday of a Given Year

This post will guide you how to get the first Monday of a given year or date in excel. How do I calculate the first Monday of a specific year in excel. How to determine the first Monday in a given year date with a formula in excel. How to find and get the date of the first Monday of a given year date in excel.

Get the First Monday of a Given Year

To calculate the first Monday of the year or given any date, you can create a new complex formula based on the DATE function, the YEAR function and the WEEKDAY function.

Assuming that you have a date list in the range of cells B1:B4 in your current worksheet, and if you want to get the first Monday for the year date in each cell, and you can write down one formula as below:


get first monday of the year1

Type this formula into the formula box of a blank cell such as: C1, then press Enter key in your keyboard, and drag the AutoFill Handler over other cells to apply this formula.

You can also use another formula based on the DATE function, the CHOOSE function and the WEEKDAY function to create the same result. Like this:


get first monday of the year2

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