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Excel TRANSPOSE Function

Excel TRANSPOSE formula allows you to rotate (swap) values from rows to columns and vice versa in Excel. Its goal, as a component of the Excel lookup and reference functions, is to arrange data in the appropriate manner. To run the formula, pick the precise size of the transposed range and hit the CSE key… read more »

Extract or Filter Horizontal Data

You might have been through this kind of situation where you need to filter out the horizontal data from the list having few columns. I am also pretty sure about it that you might have chosen to do it manually, which is also a great choice when you have only a few values in a… read more »

Filter And Transpose Data From Horizontal To Vertical

This post will show you how to use Filter function and in combination with Transpose function to filter data from horizontal and transpose data as vertical in Microsoft Excel. You can refer to the below general formula based on TRANSPOSE and FILTER function: =TRANSPOSE(FILTER(range,logic)) You can use the FILTER with TRANSPOSE function to filter data… read more »

How to Count Row That Contain Specific Value in Excel

This post will guide you how to count rows that contain a specific text or number in Excel 2013/2016 or Excel office 365. How do I count the number of rows that contain a particular value while working with your current worksheet in Excel. And you can do this by a array formula based on… read more »

How to Transpose Rows and Columns in Excel

This post will guide you how to convert row data to columns in Excel. How do I convert columns to rows with Paste feature in Excel 2013/2016. Convert Rows to Columns Using Paste Special Convert Rows to Columns Using Formula Convert Rows to Columns Using VBA Convert Rows to Columns Using Paste Special Assuming that… read more »

How to Transpose Data from Columns to Rows

This post explains that how to transpose data from columns to rows, or from rows to columns in excel. if you want to rotate the data in columns of a worksheet to rearrange it in rows, you can use the “Paste Special Transpose” option to switch rows to columns or vice verse. you can also… read more »