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How to ignore Blank Cells while Concatenating cells in Excel

This post will guide you how to concatenate cells but ignore all blank cells in your worksheet in Excel. How do I concatenate cells but ignore blank cells with a formula in Excel. How to create a concatenate formula to skip blank cells with user defined function in Excel 2013/2016. Concatenating Cells but Ignore Blanks… read more »

Ignoring Blank or Zero Cells with Conditional formatting

This post will guide you how to make conditional formatting ignore blank cells or zero cell in Excel. How do I force blank cells or zero cells to be ignored in conditional formatting in Excel. How to ignore blank cells or blank cells when applying conditional formatting in Excel.  Ignoring Blank with Conditional Formatting When… read more »

Excel IF formula with NOT logical function

This post will guide you how to use excel if formula with NOT logical function in Microsoft excel. NOT Logical Function The syntax of NOT logical function is as follow: =NOT(logical_value) The NOT logical function will return the reversed logical value. If the logical_value is TRUE, then FALSE is returned. If the logical_value is FALSE,… read more »

Excel Nexted IF Functions (Statements) Tutorial (15 IF Formulas examples)

This tutorial will guide you how to use nested Excel IF function  (include multiple If statements in excel formula) with syntax and provide about 15 nested IF formula examples with the detailed explanation in Microsoft excel. Nested If function Description Nested If Function Syntax Examples of Nested IF function in Excel Nested If Functions(Statements) Order… read more »

Excel ISBlank Function

This post will guide you how to use Excel ISBLANK function with syntax and examples in Microsoft excel. Description The Excel ISBLANK function returns TRUE if the value is blank or null. The ISBLANK function is a build-in function in Microsoft Excel and it is categorized as an Information Function. The ISBLANK function is available in Excel… read more »