Excel IF formula with NOT logical function

This post will guide you how to use excel if formula with NOT logical function in Microsoft excel.

NOT Logical Function

The syntax of NOT logical function is as follow:


The NOT logical function will return the reversed logical value. If the logical_value is TRUE, then FALSE is returned. If the logical_value is FALSE, then TRUE is returned. Let’s see the below two examples:


Both of the above excel formulas will return TRUE.

Excel IF Formula Combining With NOT

If you want to check several test conditions in an excel formula,then take different actions. You can use NOT function in combination with the AND or OR logical function in excel IF function.

Let’s see the following excel if formula:


In the above formula, the excel formula will exclude both red and blank colors. It will check cells in column B if the values is NOT red or blank. TRUE or FALSE will be returned.

Excel formula using IF NOT function1

Actually, we also can use the Not equal to (<>) logical operator to achieve the same requirement , For example, we can write down the following excel IF formula to reflect the above logic test.


Excel formula using IF NOT function2

NOT Function combining with ISBLANK function

As you know, the function ISBLANK(B1) will return TRUE if the cell B1 is blank. If we use NOT function to enclose ISBLANK(B1) function, it will reverse the result, if the cell is blank, then returns FALSE.

Let’s create a nested IF statement with the NOT and ISBLANK functions as follow:


Excel formula using IF NOT function3

For above IF statement, IF the cell B1 is not blank, then multiply the number in B1 by 5.we can enter the above formula into cell C1, and then drag the Fill Handle to the range C1:C3.it will apply for the other cells for this formula.

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