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How to Display User-Defined Text in All Blank Cells in Excel

Sometimes there are some blank cells exist in created table, if we want to mark them with user-defined text to make them easier to be found out, how can we do? Actually, there are several ways to implement this. In this article, we will introduce you two tricks to display user defined text in blank… read more »

How to Find the Earliest and Latest Date in Excel

We have a range of dates and we want to look up the earliest and the latest date based on certain criteria like the earliest date for a showing movie, we can use MIN and MAX functions with IF function or INDEX function together to find the matched date based on some criteria. Except using… read more »

How to Calculate Weekly Average by Formula in Excel

In our daily life we often create tables for recording the money we spend for lunch or dinner or something else per date. This can help us know the total cost or average cost per date or other unit clearly via some statistic related functions in excel, and then we can cut back on unnecessary… read more »

How to Create Dynamic Drop Down List without Blank in Excel

This post will guide you how to create dynamic drop down list without blank cells in Microsoft Excel. In Excel, and you can use Data Validation feature to improve the efficiency of data entry in excel, and it also be used to reduce mistake and typing errors. And it is also be used to restrict… read more »

How to Auto Fill Formula When Inserting New Rows/Data in Excel

Sometimes we create a table with formula applied to specific column. And when we editing the table, for example inserting a new row with data into the table, we want the new data lists in the specific column is also applied with this formula as well. Normally we can drag down the upper cell applied… read more »

How to Find the Smallest Value and Smallest Positive Value in Excel

Sometimes we want to find out the smallest positive value among a set of values. We should ignore the negative value and zero value when getting the smallest positive value. So we design different cases in this article to demonstrate how can we get the smallest positive value by different formulas. Returns the Smallest Value… read more »

How to Count the Average Between Two Dates in Excel

In our daily work, we usually have the problem of counting the average of a period. If the given dates are continuous, we can handle this situation very well, and if the dates are discontinuous, how do we count the average for different periods? In this article, we will use some examples to show you… read more »

How to Calculate the Median in Different Cases in Excel

The median is the number in the middle of a range of data by order, half of the data in this range is larger than it, and half is smaller than it. Sometimes we want to calculate the median for a range of data. This article will introduce you the formula to calculate the median… read more »