How to combine columns without losing data


This post will guide you how to merge and combine multiple columns without losing any data in excel. How do I merge columns without losing data using Excel Formula. For example, you want to join two columns that contain first name and last name into one column without losing data.

If you want to merge multiple columns that you selected and you can use the “Merge & Center” command, but there is one problem is that it just keep the upper-left most data only. so if you just want to merge multiple columns and don’t care about if the data is deleted or not.

Firstly, Click “Merge & Center” command under Alignment group in Home Tab.

combine columns1

then you will get a warning message that is “Merging cells only keeps the upper-left cell value, and discards the other values.

combine columns1

Merge columns without losing data

How to keep all data after merging columns. You can use the concatenate operator or CONCATENATE function to create an excel formula. Assuming that you want to merge column B and C into column D, you can use the following formulas:




You can write the above formula in Cell D2, you will see that both column B and column C have been merged into column D without losing any data.

combine columns3-1

combine columns3-1

Then you can drag the fill handle to other cells in Column D to apply the above formula to merge other cells.

combine columns3

combine columns3

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