How to Check If Cell Contains All Values from Range

This post explains that how to check if a cell contains all of several values from a range in excel. How to check if cell contains all of many values in a list in excel 2013. How to check if all of values in a list can be found in a cell, if TRUE, then… read more »

Data Validation for Specified Text only

If you want to check if the values that contain a specified text string in one cell, you can use a combination of the FIND function and ISNUMBER function as a formula in the Data Validation. Data Validation for Specified Text only ​Suppose that you want to check that if the values in column B… read more »

ISNUMBER Function in Excel

This post will guide you how to use ISNUMBER function with syntax and examples in Microsoft excel. Description The Excel ISNUMBER function returns TRUE if the value in a cell is a numeric value, otherwise it will return FALSE. so you can use ISNUMBER function to check if a cell contains a numeric value or check the… read more »

Excel IF function with text values

Normally, If you want to write an IF formula for text values in combining with the below two logical operators in excel, such as: “equal to” or “not equal to”. Excel IF function check if a cell contains text(case-insensitive) By default, IF function is case-insensitive in excel. It means that the logical text for text values… read more »