How to Clear or Disable the Recent Workbook List in Excel


This post will guide you how to clear or disable the recent workbook list in Excel 2013/2016. How do I clear Recent Document lists with VBA macro in the Microsoft Excel.

When using Excel to view or open an Excel workbook, you will find that it usually shows a list of recently accessed workbooks. And this list can help you to open your recently used workbooks quickly. However, you maybe do not want your workbook list to be seen by any other person. You want to clear or disable recent workbooks from the recent list. This post will show you three methods to clear recent workbook list.

Clear Recent Workbook List Using Excel Options

Step1: go to File tab, click Options menu, and then the Excel Options dialog will open.

clear recent workbook list1

Step2: click Advanced from the left pane in the Excel Options dialog box, and scroll down to the Display section, and find Show this number of Recent Documents item, and enter number 0 in the text box.

clear recent workbook list2

Step3: click Ok button. Then go to File->Open->Recent, you should see that the recent workbook lists have been cleared.

clear recent workbook list3

Clear Recent Workbook List Using Unpinned Workbooks

You can also use “Clear Unpinned Workbooks” command to clear all workbook items from Recent workbooks. Just do the following steps:

Step1: go to File tab, Click Open menu from the left pane. Then click Recent menu from the right pane.

clear recent workbook list4

Step2: right click on any one recent workbook item, and select Clear unpinned Workbooks from the popup menu list. And one Warning message dialog will appear.

clear recent workbook list5

Step3: click yes button in the Microsoft Excel dialog box, and you would see that all unpinned items from the workbook lists are removed.

clear recent workbook list6

clear recent workbook list7

Note: this method can only be used to remove all unpinned items.

Clear Recent Workbook List Using VBA Macro

You can also write down an Excel VBA code to achieve the same result of clearing recent workbook list from recent page in Excel. Just do the following steps:

Step1: open your excel workbook and then click on “Visual Basic” command under DEVELOPER Tab, or just press “ALT+F11” shortcut.

Get the position of the nth using excel vba1
Step2: then the “Visual Basic Editor” window will appear.

Step3: click “Insert” ->”Module” to create a new module.

export each sheet to csv2

Step4: paste the below VBA code  into the code window. Then clicking “Save” button.

clear recent workbook list8

Sub ClearRecentWorkbookList()
    On Error Resume Next
    Do Until Err.Number <> 0
End Sub

Step5: back to the current worksheet, then run the above excel macro. Click Run button. You would see that all recent workbook items are removed.

clear recent workbook list9

clear recent workbook list7

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