Excel Text Functions

This section will learn  how to use Excel’s Text functions such as: CHAR, CLEAN, FIND, LEFT, LEN, etc.

CHAR – returns the character specified by a number (ASCII Value)

CLEAN – removes all non-printable characters from a text string.

CODE – returns the numeric ASCII value for the first character of a text string.

EXACT – compares if two text strings are the same and returns TRUE if they are the same, Or, it will return FALSE.

FIND – returns the position of the first text string (substring) from the first character of the second text string.

DOLLAR – converts a number to text using currency format (such as: $ symbol), the currency format used depends upon your default language setting on your computer.

PROPER – capitalizes the first character in each word of a text string and set other characters to lowercase.

REPLACE – replaces all or part of a text string with another text string.

REPT – repeats a text string a specified number of times.

RIGHT – returns a substring (a specified number of the characters) from a text string, starting from the rightmost character.

SEARCH – returns the number of the starting location of a substring in a text string.

SUBSTITUTE – replaces a new text string for an old text string in a text string.

T –  returns the text referred to by value.

TEXT – converts a numeric value into text string with a specified format.

TEXTJOIN – joins two or more text strings together and separated by a delimiter.

UPPER – converts all characters in text string to uppercase.

VALUE – converts a text value that represents a number to a numeric value.

LEFT – returns a substring (a specified number of the characters) from a text string, starting from the leftmost character.

LOWER – converts all characters in a text string to lowercase.

CONCAT – combines 2 or more strings or ranges together.

MID – returns a substring from a text string at the position that you specify.

LEN – returns the length of a text string (the number of characters in a text string).

FIXED – rounds a number to the specified number of decimal places and returns the result as text string.

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