Excel IF Function With Dates

If you have a list of dates and then want to compare to these dates with a specified date to check if those dates is greater than or less than that specified date. You can use the IF function in combination with logical operators and DATEVALUE function in Microsoft excel.

Excel IF function combining with DATEVALUE function

Since that Excel cannot recognize the date formats and just interprets them as a text string. So you need to use DATAVALUE function and let Excel think that it is a Date value. For example: DATEVALUE(“11/3/2018”). Now we can write down the following IF formula with Dates.


Excel IF Function With Dates1

The above excel IF formula will check the date value in Cell B1 if it is less than another specified date(11/3/2018), if the test is TRUE, then return “good”, otherwise return “bad”

Excel IF function combining with DATE function

You can also use DATE function in an Excel IF statement to compare dates, like the below IF formula:


Excel IF Function With Dates2

The above IF formula will check if the value in cell B1 is less than or equal to 11/3/2018 and show the returned value in cell C1, Otherwise show nothing.

Excel IF function combining with TODAY function

If you want to compare the current date with the specified date in the past, you can use IF function in combination with TODAY function in Excel. Like the following IF formula:

=IF(B1>TODAY(), “good”,”bad”)

Excel IF Function With Dates3

We also can use the complex logical test using Today function, like this: B1-TODAY>10, it will check the date value in one cell if it is more than 10 days from now. Let’s combine this logical test in the IF formula as follow:


Excel IF Function With Dates4

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