Excel Area Chart

This post will explain that how to create a basic Area Chart in your current worksheet based on the specified data points in Excel.

The Area Chart is used to show trends over time (years, months, and days) or categories. So you can use this chart type to highlight the magnitude of change over time.

Create Area Chart

If you want to create an Area chart in your current worksheet, just need to the do following steps:

1# Select the data range that you want to use for the Area chart, such as: A1:D4 (click the arrow to see the different types of area charts available)

excel chart1

2# go to Insert Tab, Click Insert Area Chart button under Charts group.

excel area chart1

3# click any one area from the drop down list

excel area chart2

4# you will see that one Excel Area Chart has been generated as below:

excel area chart3

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