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Countif across Multiple Worksheets

This post will guide you count a value across multiple worksheets in excel. How do I use COUNTIF function to get the number of occurrence of a value from multiple worksheets in Excel. How to count the number of values from multiple worksheets in Excel. How to count based on a single criteria across multiple sheets.

Countif across Multiple Worksheets

Assuming that you have three worksheets in your current workbook, and you want to count the number of a specified text string “excel” in same range B1:B4 across those three worksheets. How to achieve it. You can do the following steps:

#1 type all three worksheet names in one single column.

count values accross multiple sheets1

#2 type the following formula into a blank cell, and press Enter key.


#3 the number of text string “excel” in the same range B1:B4 among three worksheet (sheet1, sheet2 and sheet3) has been calculated in cell E1.

count values accross multiple sheets2

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