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Rank Data with Multiple Criteria in google sheets

If you are an enthusiastic Google Sheets user, then you may have an urgent task to rank a specified datelist based on given multiple criteria; you can easily perform this task manually, which is also feasible, but it only works for ranking a small amount of data. However, when there are multiple pieces of data… read more »

Sort Dynamic Data in google sheets

 This article will talk about how to sort the dynamic data in google sheets automatically. How to use RANK formula to sort the data of a given dynamic range in google sheets. Sort Dynamic Data suppose you have a list of data in cell range A1:B5, and you want to sort the dynamic data in… read more »

Reverse Rank Order in google sheets

This article will talk about how to rank the given data in reverse order in google sheets. You can use Google sheets RANK function to rank the data. By default, the largest value in the data table will be ranked as 1. So how do we invert this ranking order? How do we make the… read more »

Rank Numbers without Repetitive Ranks in google sheets

This article will guide you how to rank numbers in a range with unique ranking in google sheets. How to use the Rank function in google sheets to get a unique ranking for ranges with duplicate values. Ranking without Repetitive Ranks Suppose you try to use the RANK function to rank values in a range… read more »

Rank Numeric Values with Duplicate in Google Sheets

Suppose you have an urgent task of ranking a list with duplicate values, what would be the first approach you would think of? Is there a quick and easy way to do this task in Google Sheets? This article will talk about how to rank a given list that contains duplicate values by using the… read more »

Google Sheets Rank Function

This article will introduce you how to use the RANK function in google sheets, and will show you a good example to better understand the usage of the RANK function. Google Sheets Rank Function Description The Google Sheets Rank function is used to return the ranking of a given number from a list. If there… read more »