Sort Dynamic Data in google sheets

 This article will talk about how to sort the dynamic data in google sheets automatically. How to use RANK formula to sort the data of a given dynamic range in google sheets.

Sort Dynamic Data

suppose you have a list of data in cell range A1:B5, and you want to sort the dynamic data in the range, you can refer to the following steps:

Step 1: You need to insert a new column before the first column of your data. Enter one name in the first cell of the new column.

Sort Dynamic Data in google sheets1

Step 2: Type the following formula in cell A2, which will sort the sales values in the Sales column. Then press Enter on your keyboard and drag the AutoFill Handle over to the other cells A3:A5.


Sort Dynamic Data in google sheets1

Step 3: Select a new column, e.g. Column E, and enter one column name in the first cell. Select the second of the new columns adjacent to column E and enter the column name as Products. Then select the third column next to column F and enter the column name as Sales in cell G1.

Sort Dynamic Data in google sheets1

Step 4: Insert the sequence number in the range of cells E2:E5.

Sort Dynamic Data in google sheets1

Step5:  Type the following VLOOKUP formula to extract both product names and sales values in the formula box of cell F2 and press Enter. Then drag the AutoFill handle down to the other cells F3:F5 and G2:G5.

Sort Dynamic Data in google sheets1

Step6: You can try to change a value in the Sales column so that you can check if the product orders will be automatically sorted in the new data list E1:G5. 

Sort Dynamic Data in google sheets1

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