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Find and Replace Multiple Values

This post will guide you how to find and replace multiple values at once with VBA macro or using formula  in Excel. How do I make multiple find and replace in Excel. Suppose that you have a few cells containing few values and you want to find and replace two or three values; then you… read more »

Excel XLOOKUP Function

Excel XLOOKUP Function was added into Excel as a beta feature in August 2019 and is now accessible exclusively in Microsoft 365. (as of July 2021). However, if you fall into this category and often deal with big sets of data in Excel, understanding this method is worthwhile. In this lesson, we will demonstrate how… read more »

Extract or Filter Top n values

You might have been through this kind of situation where you need to filter out the top n values from the list having few values, and I am also pretty sure about it that you might have chosen to do it manually, which is also a great choice when you have only a few values… read more »