Excel WEEKNUM - Free Excel Tutorial

How to Sum by Week Number in Excel

In statistic report, we often statistic data for a certain date range. Sometimes we can use an exact week number instead of entering a start date and an end date as a period to statistic data. For example, to sum data by week 1, that means we only need to calculate data belongs to week… read more »

How to Calculate Weekly Average by Formula in Excel

In our daily life we often create tables for recording the money we spend for lunch or dinner or something else per date. This can help us know the total cost or average cost per date or other unit clearly via some statistic related functions in excel, and then we can cut back on unnecessary… read more »

Converting Week Number to Date

This post will guide you how to convert a week number to a date with a formula in Excel. How do I calculate a date from a week number and a year with formula in Excel. Or how to get week number from a given date with formula in Excel. Convert Week Number to Date… read more »

Excel WEEKNUM function

This post will guide you how to use Excel WEEKNUM function with syntax and examples in Microsoft excel. Description The Excel WEEKNUM function returns the week number of a specific date, and the returned value is ranging from 1 to 53. And this function will start to count the week number from January 1 and… read more »