Excel VBA Examples

How to Name Worksheet Name with Specified Cell Value in Excel

When we launching Excel and create a new workbook, we can find that some worksheets are already created and the default sheet name is sheet1 for example. Actually, we have to rename worksheet name in most situations depends our requirement. And in our daily life we often rename worksheet name by right click or double… read more »

How To Force Text String to Upper,Lower, or Proper Case in Excel

This post will guide you how to force test strings to uppercase or lowercase or Proper cases through an Excel formula or data validation in your Excel 2013/2016. How to convert text to upper, lower, or proper case in Excel. Assuming that you want to force text strings to Upper case when you type words… read more »

How to Send Current Workbook Directly through Outlook in Excel

After editing current worksheet (workbook) we often want to send this workbook to others to share information or assign task directly by email. Though we can launch our Outlook mailbox, add it as attachment and then send it. Actually, we have other ways to send it through Outlook in excel directly. This article will introduce… read more »

How to Auto Fill Formula When Inserting New Rows/Data in Excel

Sometimes we create a table with formula applied to specific column. And when we editing the table, for example inserting a new row with data into the table, we want the new data lists in the specific column is also applied with this formula as well. Normally we can drag down the upper cell applied… read more »

How to Split Data in Long Column into Multiple Columns in Excel

Sometimes we need to split data from a long column into a table with several columns based on some criteria like X rows or X columns. If we split data by manual, it is very complex and troublesome. So, we need a simple way to split data into multiple columns. This article will introduce you… read more »

How to Search and Locate Worksheet in Excel

If there are multiple worksheets exist in excel, there will be a lot of worksheet tabs in tab bar. And it is difficult to find a worksheet we want. Though we can search worksheet by right click in worksheet bar to activate worksheet, a simple and convenient way will be better especially there are a… read more »

How to Delete/Remove Hidden Worksheets in Excel?

If there are some hidden worksheets exist in excel and you want delete them as they are not useful, you can unhide all worksheets and remove them one by one. This way is quite annoying and complex. If we can remove all hidden worksheets by only one step or a simple way, it will be… read more »

How to Trigger A Macro by Clicking A Specific Cell in Excel

Sometimes we create a Macro but we don’t want trigger it by Run Macro via Developer->Run Macro or other keyboard shortcuts. We may set the trigger by clicking a specific cell like click A1 or E1 for example. Once we clicking on the specific cell A1 or E1, the Macro will run properly, it looks… read more »

How to Make A Cell Value as Worksheet Tab Name in Excel

Usually we often define worksheet tab name depending on the contents of this worksheet like Summary, Product List etc. But in some cases, we want to define the worksheet name equals to the text in specified cell, for example we want to the contents in A1 cell is also displayed as the worksheet tab name,… read more »

How to Set Specific Cells as Read Only/Locked in Excel

In our daily work, in case of protect our worksheet from being edit by others, we often add a password for opening worksheet. But sometimes, the worksheet is open for all or shared with your partners, we just want to set some important cells as read only in case of preventing others to edit them… read more »

How to Create a Backup of workbook in Excel

This post will guide you how to create a backup file of workbook in Microsoft Excel. How do I create or make the backup of your current workbook in Excel 2013/2016. How to create a backup of a workbook with the current date using VBA macro in Excel. Create Backup of Workbook with AutoRecover You… read more »

How to Find and Remove Duplicate Data in Excel

We often see some duplicate data in excel, and if we want to delete the duplicate data and keep only one copy, we need to find out all duplicate values from table and then remove them from table. This article will help you to know how can we find out these duplicate values and remove… read more »

How to Delete All Charts in Excel

If we inserted a large number of charts and want to delete all of them quickly how can we do? It will spend a lot of time if we delete them one by one in excel. So we need a quick way to delete them all conveniently. This article will provide you some methods to… read more »

How to Create Shortcut to Go Back to Previous Worksheet in Excel

Usually we create multiple worksheets in excel and we can switch between these worksheets to do different operations. But if we want to quickly get back from current worksheet to the previous operating worksheet , how can we do? Dragging the scroll bar back to the previous worksheet is hard to find the proper worksheet… read more »