If Cell Equals Certain Text String

IF function is frequently used in Excel worksheet to return you expect “true value” or “false value” based on the result of created logical test. If you want to see if cell equals a certain text string like “Win”, you can build a formula with the help of IF function to return either true result or false result.

If cell equals certain text_1


To test if cell equals a certain text string, the generic formula is:

=IF(A1=”text”,”true value”,”false value”)

Formula in this example:

=IF(B4=”Win”,”A is the Winner!”,”B is the Winner!”)



In this example, we want to see the results of “A or B who’s the winner” in the three rounds competitions. IF function can handle this case properly.

IF function allows you to create a logical comparison between your value and reference value (for example “A1>0”), and set true value and false value what you expect to return as test results. IF function returns one of the two results based on logical comparison result.

Syntax: IF(logica_test,[value_if_true],[value_if_false])

To test if B4 equals text “Win”, we can directly create a logical comparison B4=“Win”. “Win” should be quoted by double quotes, if missing double quotes, #NAME? error displays instead and it signifies some errors should be corrected in this formula.

In this example, “Win” is detected in B4, logical test result is true.

If cell equals certain text_1

As the result is true, IF function returns true value “A is the Winner!” in C4 properly. On the other side, cell B5 doesn’t equal text “Win”, IF evaluates false value “B is the Winner!” to C5.

In IF, true value and false value can be set as a text, a number or a formula. We set “A is the Winner!” as true result and “B is the Winner” as false result, you can set what you expect to these two values.

More Complicated Example A

To see who is the winner after three rounds of competitions, the winner at least won two among three rounds of competitions, the number of cells “equals “Win”” should be greater than 1. In this case, we can use IF function together with COUNTIF function.

If cell equals certain text_1

More Complicated Example B

You can also change true value or false value to some complicated formula, strings or combinations.

If cell equals certain text_1

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