How to Stop Autofill Color for Extend Cells in Excel

We may notice that if we enter some cells with background color continuously, when you enter a value in the next adjacent cell, the cell is filled with background color as well. This autofill function is very useful if we want to enter values in unique format in worksheet, but on the other side, if we just want to mark some cells with background color, autofill function is annoying. This article will show you how can we stop autofill function in excel.

Autofill function is turned on in excel by default. For example, in below screenshot, if we enter Pass with yellow background several times, when entering Pending in cell C7, it will be auto filled with color which is not what we expect. And this also applies for cell C8 and even C9, C10… if you enter value in it.

Stop Autofill Color 1

So, if we want to stop autofill in excel, we can do some settings before we enter a value.

Stop Autofill Color for Cells in Excel

My office is Microsoft 2016. So, my operation is based on this version of Excel. You can see the details below and set stop autofill function base on your Excel version accordingly.

Step 1: Click File->Options.

Stop Autofill Color 2

Step 2: In Excel Options window, click Advanced in the left panel.

Stop Autofill Color 3

Step 3: Under Editing options, uncheck “Extend data range formats and formulas”. Then click OK to save the update.

Stop Autofill Color 4

Now when you entering value in next cell in column C, background color will not be auto filled.


  1. Uncheck the option, formats and formulas are also stopped applying for extend data range.
  2. After re-launching Excel, the option is still unchecked unless you enable it again.
  3. This setting applies for all worksheets in this workbook.


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