How to Extract Text between Parentheses

This post explains that how to extract text between the parentheses using the formula in excel.

Extract text between parentheses

If you want to extract text between parentheses in a cell, then you can use the search function within the MID function to create a new excel formula.

For example, to extract data between parentheses in cell B1, you can write down the following formula using the MID function and the SEARCH function:

=MID(B1, SEARCH(“(“, B1)+1, SEARCH(“)”,B1) – SEARCH(“(“,B1)-1)

Let’s see how this formula works:


The MID function used to extract a specific number of characters from a text string at a specific position. And this position value will be returned by the SEARCH function.

=SEARCH(“(“, B1)+1

extract text between parenthesese1

This search formula returns the position of the first left parentheses character in a text string in Cell B1, and then add 1, it will be the starting position that you want to extract text. It goes into the MID function as its start_num argument.



extract text between parenthesese2

This formula returns the position of the first right parentheses character in a text string in Cell B1.


=SEARCH(“)”,B1) – SEARCH(“(“,B1)-1

extract text between parenthesese3

This formula returns the length of the text between parentheses. And the returned value will go into the MID function as its num_chars argument.


=MID(B1, SEARCH(“(“, B1)+1, SEARCH(“)”,B1) – SEARCH(“(“,B1)-1)

So far, we got the both start_num value and num_chars value, then the text between parentheses will be extracted by the MID function, see below screenshot:

extract text between parenthesese4

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