How to Count Matches between Two Columns in Excel

This post will guide you how to Count the number of matches between two columns using a formula in Excel 2013/2016 or Excel office 365. How do I compare two columns within two different ranges or columns and count if the value in column1 found in column2 in Excel. You can use the SUMPRODUCT function to compare two columns, and is used to multiply the corresponding components in the given two ranges or arrays and returns the sum of those products.

The Syntax of the SUMPRODUCS is as below:


For Example, you have a data of list in both A2:A6 and B2:B6 and you wish to count any differences between those two ranges, and you can use the below SUMPRODUCT function:


count matches between two columns1

You can select cell C1 to place the final result, just click on it, and insert the above formula, then press Enter key.

Let’s See That How This Formula Works:

count matches between two columns2

In the above example the expression A2:A6=B2:B6 will compare the value of those two ranges and generates an array result with TRUE and FALSE, like this:


count matches between two columns3

If cell values are equal and returns TRUE, otherwise returns FALSE.

count matches between two columns4

The double negative operator will convert the TRUE and FALSE value into 1 and 0 and return another array result like this:


count matches between two columns5

The SUMPRODUCT function will simply sum the values in the array and return the final result.


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