How to Color Only Half a Cell in Excel

This post will guide you how to color only half a cell in Excel. Is it possible to divide a single cell in two and color one half and leave the other half blank or white. How to add two colors to a single cell in Excel.

Color Only Half a Cell

You cannot shade half a cell any way with the normal background coloration technique in Microsoft Excel. You can try to drag one shape into a single cell to achieve the result. Here are the steps:

#1 go to INSERT tab, click Shapes command under Illustrations group.

color only half cell1

#2 select Right Triangle shape under Basic Shapes section from the drop down menu list.

color only half cell2

#3 draw the Right Triangle shape into one single cell and then adjust the shape size to match with the cell size.

color only half cell3

#4 select the Right Triangle in that cell, and right click on it, and choose Format Shape from the popup menu list. And the Format Shape pane will appear.

color only half cell4

#5 click Fill tab in the Format Shape pane, and select Solid fill option, and select the color that you want to set from the Color drop down list box.

color only half cell5

#6 click Line tab, and select No line option. Close the Format Shape pane.

color only half cell6

#7 you should notice that the cell has been half colored in the selected cell.

color only half cell7

Note: if the direction of right triangle in that cell is not what you need, and you can try to rotate it. Just select the Right Triangle shape, and go to Format tab in the Ribbon, and click Rotate command under Arrange group, then select the rotation that you want. At this example, we select Flip Horizontal from the drop down menu list. Let’s see the result:

color only half cell8

color only half cell9

color only half cell10

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