How to Change Worksheet Directon to Right-To-Left in Excel 2013/2016

This post will guide you how to change worksheet direction from default to right-to-left in your worksheet in Excel 2013/2016. How do I change worksheet direction in Excel.

Change Worksheet Direction

By default, the worksheet direction is from left to right. And if you want to change the direction from right to left in your current worksheet. How to do it. You can do the following steps:

#1 click File tab, and select Options from the left menu list. And the Excel Options dialog will open.

change worksheet direction1

#2 click Advanced menu in the Excel Options dialog, and scroll down to Display section, and check Right-to-left radio button under Default direction section.

change worksheet direction2

#3 click Ok button. Click “Add” button on the sheet tab to create a new worksheet. You would notice that the current worksheet direction has been changed to right-to-left.

change worksheet direction3

Note: This method is only valid for the newly worksheet.