How to Auto Fill Formula When Inserting New Rows/Data in Excel


Sometimes we create a table with formula applied to specific column. And when we editing the table, for example inserting a new row with data into the table, we want the new data lists in the specific column is also applied with this formula as well. Normally we can drag down the upper cell applied with formula to fill the inserted cell, but if we can fill formula for inserted rows automatically, it will be much better. This article I will provide you two methods to do auto fill formula. The first method is by Create Table, and another method is by VBA code.

To demonstrate ‘Auto Fill Formula’ clearly, at first, we need to create a table with a simple formula applied on one column.

Auto Fill Formula 1

We create a table to count the score range for each student, then we can know whether they pass or fail the exam. And in C column, we use a formula =IF(B2>=60,1,2) to calculate the range.

Auto Fill Formula 2

Now, we want to insert some missing data into this table, and we want to get the range automatically.

Missing Data:

Auto Fill Formula 3

If we directly insert these rows into the table under row of ‘Joy’, we can get below result:

Auto Fill Formula 4

Noticed that Range is not auto calculated as we expect. So, we need to learn how to auto fill formula now.

Method 1: Auto Fill Formula When Inserting New Rows/Data by Create Table

Actually, if we want to auto fill formula for the inserted new rows, we can make the initial table as an entire tables in excel. See details below.

Step 1: In excel ribbon, click Insert->Table.

Auto Fill Formula 5

Step 2: In pops up ‘Create Table’ dialog, select the table range ($A$1:$C$6 in this case) as your table. Check on My table has headers. Otherwise a new header will be created on the top of your table improperly.

Auto Fill Formula 6

Step 3: Click OK. Verify that your table is updated.

Auto Fill Formula 7

Step 4: Insert a new row for test. Verify that 2 is auto displayed in Range column even there is no value in A5 and B5.

Auto Fill Formula 8

Step 5: In A5 and B5, copy and paste your missing data. For example, Lucy, 60. Verify that 1 is displayed in C5 now. The value is re-calculated automatically.

Auto Fill Formula 9

Step 6: Insert two new rows, then copy and past the other two rows of missing data in to column A & B, then range value will be auto calculated properly.

Auto Fill Formula 10


Please be aware that this method is only effective when inserting a new row firstly, then copy/paste data or type your data manually into the new row.

Method 2: Auto Fill Formula When Inserting New Rows/Data by VBA Code

Step 1: On current visible worksheet, right click on sheet name tab to load Sheet management menu. Select View Code, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window pops up.

Or you can enter Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window via Developer->Visual Basic.

Step 2: In current sheet window, select Worksheet in General dropdown list.

Auto Fill Formula 11

Step 3: In Declarations dropdown list, select BeforeDoubleClick.

Auto Fill Formula 12

Step 4: Edit VBA code.

Auto Fill Formula 13

Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)

    Cancel = True


    Target.EntireRow.Copy Target.Offset(1).EntireRow

    On Error Resume Next


End Sub

Step 5: Save the codes. And then quit Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications.

Step 6: Double click any cell among the table. A new row will be inserted under the clicked cell. For example, we double click a cell in row 3, then a new blank row 4 will be inserted. But the range value is auto displayed as 2.

Auto Fill Formula 14

Step 7: Enter data into blank cells, range value will be re-calculated per your typing.

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