How to Add Quotes around Cell Values in Excel

This post will guide you how to add double quotes around cell values with a formula in your worksheet in Excel. How do I add quotes around each value of cells in Excel 2013/2016. How to add double quotes inside a formula in Excel.

Assuming that you have a long list of names that need to have quotes( it can be double or single quotes) around each name values. If there is a useful formula to add quotes to the name in each row or column.

Adding Quotes around Cell Values

If you want to add quotes around text values for the specified cells or enclose all specified cell values with double quotes in range A1:A5, just do the following steps:

Step 1: you can type the following formula based on the CHAR function in Cell B1.

=CHAR(34) & A1 & CHAR(34)


= " ' " & A1 & " ' "

Add Quotes around Cell Values1
Step 2: you need to drag the AutoFill handle in Cell B1 down to other cells to apply this formula. Then you would see that all the cell values have been enclosed with double quotes or single quotes.

Add Quotes around Cell Values2

Adding Quotes inside a Fromula

If you want to include double qutotes inside a formula in Excel, and you can use additional double qutoes as escape characters. For example, you wish to add double qutoes around a text, and you can also use the below formula:

= " "" " & A1 & " "" "

Add Quotes around Cell Values3

Related Functions

  • Excel CHAR function
    The Excel CHAR function returns the character specified by a number (ASCII Value). The syntax of the CHAR function is as below: =CHAR(number)….
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