Get Workbook Path Only

This post will guide you how to get the current workbook path in Excel. How do I insert workbook path only into a cell with a formula in Excel.

Get workbook path with Document Location

You can get the workbook path from the document location feature, and copy the location to a cell. Do the following steps:

#1 go to File tab, and click Options menu from the popup menu list. And the Excel Options dialog will open.

#2 click Quick Access Toolbar option, and select All commands from the drop down list of the Choose commands from. And then select Document Location value, click Add button to add it into Quick Access Toolbar.

get workbook path1

#3 click OK button. The workbook path is displayed in the Quick Access toolbar. Press Ctrl +C to copy it.

get workbook path2

Get workbook path with Formula

You can also use a formula based on the LEFT function, the Cell function, and the FIND function to get workbook path only in Excel.  Just like this:


Type this formula into a cell and then press Enter key.

get workbook path3

Let’s see how this formula works:

The Cell function will be used to get the full name and path of the workbook file.

The Find function will return the location number of the first left square bracket.

The left function will extract the workbook path based on the number returned by the Find function.

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