Extract substring In Excel

This post will guide you how to use Excel’s MID function is a quick and easy way to extract pieces from your text. Use the Excel formula to extract a substring with MID.

Note: If you want to extract just a single character at any given time, use the “start” and end positions as your literal start/endpoints. However, if you know how many characters there will be in total (e.g., less than 10), then instead of plugging those numbers into our formula directly. They can easily become calculated values by dividing each side differently!

In the above example, we are going to extract text from a range of cells based on certain criteria. The arguments of our three-argument functions include

1) A text string

2) Starting cell number in B2 with linefeeds replaced by spaces (to make it easier for you).

3) The amount that needs to be removed before reaching C2, where we’ll find out how many characters were actually enclosed between those two points inclusive.

Each time round, these calculations happen, subtracting one point until there’s nothing left but space or a negative #.

Note: Ensure that you have the Text to Columns feature enabled in Excel before attempting this formula; otherwise, it won’t work!


Extract substring In Excel1

=MID(“free excel tutorial excelhow “,1,4-1+1)

Extract substring In Excel1


Extract substring In Excel1

Extract Substrings Functions

There are three main extracting substrings functions that are Excel provides.

=MID(Text,start,chars) // extract from middle

=LEFT(Text,chars) // extract from left

=RIGHT(Text,chars) // extract from right

With This Formula Find Start And End Positions:

To handle what start and end positions are, consider the following example.

=MID(B5&C5&D5,”red”,2) // extracts “ed”

The start position of 2 is after the 3rd character, i.e., “r”. Therefore, the number of characters you wish to extract must begin from the start position.

There is no use of Start and end points in the formula because we already know how many characters we want to extract.

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