Add a Moving Average Line to a Chart

This post will guide you how to add a moving average line to an Excel chart. How do I add moving average line in an excel chart.

A moving average is an average of the data in your table, and it will calculate over a defined period of time. So you can use the moving average linen to identify significant trends in the chart. And the moving average uses a specific number of data points to average them, and then use the average value as a point in the chart line.

Add a Moving Average Line to a Chart

The below steps will talk that how to add moving average line in an existing chart.

#1 select the column chart that you want to show the moving average line

add moving average line1

#2 go to DESIGN tab, click Add Chart Element command under Chart Layouts group, and click Trendline menu from the pop-up menu list, and then select moving average.

add moving average line2

#3 you will see that the moving average line is added in the current chart.

add moving average line3

#4 if you want to format the moving average line, for example, you want to change the period of the moving average line, you can double click on the moving average line in the chart, then the Format Trendline panel will appear, just click TrendLine Options to change the period.

add moving average line4

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