Turn Off the Quick Analysis Feature

This post will guide you how to turn on or turn off the Quick Analysis Feature in Microsoft Excel 2013/2016. How do I disable the Quick Analysis Feature in excel. Is there a way to disable the Quick Analysis box in excel.

When you selected a range of cell, you will see that a quick analysis icon is displayed in the lower-right corner of the selected range in your worksheet. You can easily turn on or disable this quick analysis feature in excel.

To turn on or turn off the Quick Analysis feature, you just need to refer to the following steps:

#1 go to FILE tab, click the Options button, the Excel Options dialog will appear.

turn off quick analysis feature1

#2 click General tab, you can uncheck Show Quick analysis options on selection option to disable this feature. Or you can check this option to turn on the Quick Analysis feature.

turn off quick analysis feature2

#3 Click OK button.


You will see that the Quick Analysis feature is turned off.